How to Start the Spring Semester Strong

Student at a Laptop (1000px)

How did your last semester go Lazers? Whatever the outcome, we’re sure you want to start off the Spring semester strong. Here are our tips for new and returning students.

Pro tip: Register for a Start Strong Session before classes start to make sure you’re ready to excel this semester.

Ask for Help Early

The biggest mistake many students make is not asking for help until too late. Reaching out to us early for help ensures that we can support you throughout the process.

Feel like you’re going to have a tough time with a class?

Visit the Learning Center.

Need long-term assistance with putting food on the table?

Visit the Community Care Hub.

Whatever obstacles you might be facing, reach out to us early so we can help you in the best way possible.

Make Sure Your Financial Aid Package is Settled

Stressing about how you will be able to pay for school can distract from your studies. That’s why you should make sure your financial aid package is settled.

Contact the Financial Aid office today to make sure you have everything completed that you need for the upcoming semester.

Get Your Textbooks (And Save Money in the Process)

Getting the books you need for classes can be expensive. But it doesn’t need to be. Shop around for your textbooks to get the best price and don’t be afraid to buy used textbooks. Register for one of OCC’s Start Strong Sessions to get more tips and tricks on how to save money on your textbooks.

Help is here for you! Sign up for one of our Start Strong Sessions to begin your semester on the right foot.

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