OCC Represents at SUNY Diversity Conference


Pictured (left to right) Darien Gregory, Nina Tamrowski, Dr. Casey Crabill, Stephanie Rosado (Student), Eunice Williams, Drake Harrison, and Karen Harrison.


On Friday, December 1st President Casey Crabill, along with other SUNY presidents, presented on the topic, “The Dynamics of Activism and Free Speech on College Campuses,” at the 2017 Diversity Conference in Albany, New York.  The panelist explored issues of First Amendment rights and precedents outside the protection of the First Amendment that stem from obscenity and hate speech.

IMG_2566 (500px)
(Left to Right) Denise Valdes, Eunice Williams and Glenda Gross

Additionally, there were several other OCC faculty and staff who presented:

  • Darien Gregory, Dr. Glenda Gross, and student Stephanie Rosado presented on OCC’s “Student Conversation Circle About Race, Gender, Religion, Economic Status, and Sexual Orientation.”.
  • Professor Karen Harrison presented “Case Study: Redesigning Our Academic Program to Reflect the 21st Century Community College Classroom.”
  • Melanie Woodward and Enid Reiley presented on the “Inclusive Community Professional Development Series at OCC.”
  • Professor Nina Tamrowski delivered welcoming remarks.


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