Career Focus: ReBecca Hoffman Blanch ’95

Blanch pictured with her first camera gifted to her by her father.

  • Liverpool High School
  • Major at OCC: Photography

ReBecca Blanch was destined to spend her life shooting pictures. She grew up with a photo studio and darkroom in her home. “My father was a photographer and I have very fond memories of him taking pictures, watching him in the darkroom, and helping him in the studio. I became familiar with the work and all of the equipment at a very young age.” It wasn’t until she got to Liverpool High School and took her first photography class that she truly fell in love with the profession. “I was fascinated by the camera’s capabilities, the darkroom, and the creative process. Learning about photography in the classroom took my interest in the field to a much deeper level. I knew becoming a professional photographer was what I wanted to do.”

Blanch with her father Edward Hoffman.

During her junior year she opened her own business, ReBecca’s Photography, a business she still owns and operates today. After graduating from Liverpool, she came to OCC and majored in Photography. “All of the courses were beneficial and engaging. To this day, I still use what I learned in several classes, including Art Theory. It’s where I learned how colors impact each other and basic principles. I keep these in mind while designing marketing material or explaining to clients what they should wear prior to every shoot. It allows me to create the best portrait for my client.”

Blanch would go on to earn a degree from Syracuse University as she continued to develop her portfolio of clients. Besides her very successful wedding business of 19 years, ReBecca has branched out to find work in the corporate field. Her portfolio to date includes such businesses as the American Dairy Association and area schools. “Being an entrepreneur is challenging and time consuming but it’s equally rewarding. It’s a great feeling to look back and see my accomplishments from building my photography business from the ground up. I’ve reached a point where I can choose which projects I want to take on.”

Despite her busy schedule, Blanch is always willing to speak with local students about career options. She remembers when she was a student and was on the receiving end of valuable advice. “I was always appreciative of anyone who took the time to talk with me about my interests and dreams. I’d like to give-back and be able to provide the same guidance and encouragement to today’s students.”

Her experience and love for speaking with students led her to enroll in Marist College’s Integrated Marketing Communications Master of Arts program. She’s hoping to both enhance her business, provide herself the option of becoming a teacher, and do more work in the corporate world. Returning to school is a continuation of a passion she discovered at Onondaga. “My love for education began at OCC. It was the right choice for me from not only an educational standpoint, but for a love of learning as well. My positive experience at OCC started me on the right path to think about my future and how I can continuously set myself apart from the competition to be successful.”

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  1. Eleanor Hoffman-Brighton-Wolfe

    Congratulations on carrying on the legacy of women with initiative in your family. Aunt Maria, with a third grade education, ran a B&B at the Jersey shore. Your Grandmother Hoffman had her own beauty shop. I started college at 41, earned a Ph.D. and established a private psychology practice. Your cousin Kathy created a very successful website and cousin Peggy has created a successful string trio/quartet. An admirable feminine legacy in your family.


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