Zach Phillips

  • Majors at OCC: Nuclear Technology and Electrical Technology
  • High School: Fulton, class of 2010

Zach is on the brink of a successful career in the nuclear industry. During the summer of 2017 he was selected for a nine-week-long internship at Nine Mile nuclear plant in Oswego County. “While I was there I knew it was right for me. I asked a lot of questions and pestered people every day. I also met several former OCC students who are established there. I learned a lot from them and they are doing well there.”

Zach graduated high school seven years ago and began his higher education journey at a four-year college. After three semesters he decided to go in a different direction. Zach began taking classes at OCC in the fall of 2016 and knew from the beginning the Nuclear Technology and Electrical  Technology majors were for him. “All of the professors are top notch. Their real world experience makes them very authentic. They say, ‘this is how it is in the industry and this is what you are going to find.’ I like the small class sizes. It feels like home.”

Outside class Zach helps other students, tutoring Nuclear Technology and Electrical Technology at the Learning Center. “I love the idea of teaching. Passing on knowledge is a very human thing to do.”

Zach will earn his degrees next May. He hopes to begin working at Nine Mile next summer.

See how Zach’s story could be your own!

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