Michaela Capone

  • Michaela Capone

    Major at OCC: Business Administration with an Honors minor

  • High School: Faith Heritage, class of 2016

Michaela is a Business major whose decision to come to OCC was a business decision. “My senior year I applied to eight colleges. It came down to OCC and Le Moyne. On the day I graduated from high school I decided to come to OCC. I was hoping to get a little more money from Le Moyne.”

Her decision has worked out well. She successfully transitioned from a graduating class of 15 students to a college with an enrollment around 12,000. “In high school I saw the same people in every class. It was a huge change coming here and seeing different people in every class. I’m a very independent person. I felt comfortable fitting in pretty quickly.”

Michaela is a member of international honor society Phi Theta Kappa and an officer in the Student Association where she is Vice President of Entertainment and Programming. “As a business major I know business is all about networking and getting to know people. I thought being an officer would be a good opportunity to network and build a better relationship with the community. I wanted to get student input and help plan events on campus.” Besides being a full-time student and a student government representative Michaela also works part-time at the Broadway Valley Coffee Café, a wonderful eatery behind Arctic Island in the Valley section of Syracuse.

Michaela will finish at OCC next spring, then transfer to Le Moyne. By then she’ll know if she’ll pursue a degree in business or accounting. In the meantime she’s confident her decision to spend her first two years at OCC was the right call. “Coming here is a really smart choice. You save money earning credits and having them transfer with you. I’ve encouraged my family members to come to OCC too.” They’re taking her advice. A sister and cousin will be freshmen at OCC in the fall 2018 semester.

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