Tell Us Your Story!

Scenes from the OCC campus then (left) and now (right).

We’re proud to announce a new initiative, “The OCC Effect.” If you are one of the tens of thousands of former OCC students, we would love to hear your story. Please take a moment, visit our Alumni web site and tell us how OCC impacted your life. Your success is a significant part of OCC’s story which began more than a half-century ago when we first opened our doors in 1961. We’re proud our middle name is “community” and we’d love to hear what OCC’s effect has been on you. We’ve assembled a few stories about successful alumni which we hope will inspire you to share your story with us.

Thank you for making Onondaga Community College the outstanding institution it is today!

One thought on “Tell Us Your Story!

  1. I graduated from OCC in 1984 with my AAS in Electronics Technology. I was hired at – at that time GE, within 2 weeks of graduating. I spent 8 years there and worked initially as a Sonar Testman and moved into Radar after 6 months. After 4 – 1/2 years I took a promotion to the Antenna and Microwave Design Engineering Lab where I worked closely with the engineering team in prototype development of RF circuits and antennas. In 1992, I took a position with Syracuse Research Corp as an Engineering Technician. While there, I attended RIT half time while working full time and raised a family and graduated there in 1999 with a BSEMT. It was a 6 year process. In 2000, I joined a small start-up in Liverpool called Perigee LLC. While there, I was introduced to teaching and started at ITT Tech one night a week for 3 years. Perigee was eventually bought by the former Sensis Corp to act as their ‘Skunk Works’. In the mean time I had applied to OCC in 2004 as a full time instructor but wasn’t accepted at that time. Around 2007, I was called and offered an adjunct position for the night class of Circuits 1. I’ve had the M-W night class ever since.
    Backing up a few years, in 2011, SAAB Defense bought Sensis and in November of that year, I found myself in another job search and was hired right back at Syracuse Research Corp now formally know as SRC Inc. The reason I enjoy teaching is when is see that ‘spark’ in the eyes of a student new to electronics. From my work experience, I know the basics cold and I know what to really emphasize in class to help my students succeed. I love my career field; it all started after a tour in the US Navy and took off in May of 1984.


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