Carrie Daignault

  • Major: Humanities with an Honors minor
  • High School: Onondaga Central, class of 2016

Carrie has Asperger Syndrome, a condition which she has chosen to view as a positive and embrace. “I have high functioning academic skills and low functioning social skills. I can sometimes come off as awkward but I’m actually glad I have it. Some of the greatest minds of our time have had this condition including Einstein, Newton and Edison.”

Carrie was a high achieving high school student who had dreams of starting her college education at a four-year school. “My parents told me I would save money coming to OCC. I wasn’t thrilled to come here but I love it now. My opinion changed once I realized this was a serious academic institution and there were faculty members with Ph.D.’s who are experts in their field. It grew on me because I realized how small and friendly it was.”

Her happy place on campus is on the second floor of Coulter Hall where the office of honor society Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is located. “I’ve probably made more friends in PTK than I have anywhere else on campus. I know the students here are passionately academic people.” Carrie is a leader within PTK. She’s vice president of the college’s chapter and is also a regional officer in the organization.

In class, Carrie has been inspired by professors Arnauld Lambert and Daniel Warne. “They are really fun and really passionate about what they do. They’ve helped guide me, given me a lot of resources and tips for down the road.” She credits Lambert with introducing her to SUNY Geneseo where she plans to transfer to and major in Anthropology with a Linguistics focus. Carrie says Warne has explained to her how she can be successful in anthropology and motivated her. “He’s very good at pushing me to work my hardest and expand my knowledge.”

Carrie came to OCC with so many AP and college credits she will earn her degree in just three semesters. “I’m glad I came here. Looking back on who I was two years ago has caused me to a lot of self-reflection. I had that typical mindset of a teenager. I wanted to get out of here, I was restless, I wanted to live on my own. Now I know I wasn’t ready to live on my own. I got the college experience but I didn’t have to move 100 miles away from home. It’s been a nice halfway point between high school and a full university setting.”

She also has a message for those who like herself have Asperger’s. “Don’t let what people say hold you back. If you are passionate you will have no problem being successful. Society’s perception may inhibit you but you will make it intellectually.”


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