Carolyn Carbone, ’93 and Sarah Hassett, ’13

Syracuse Police Department Officer Carolyn Carbone, ’93 (left) and her daughter Officer Sarah Hassett, ’13 (right).

  • High School: Carbone – Fowler High School, Hassett – Solvay High School
  • Major at OCC: Criminal Justice

Carolyn Carbone and Sarah Hassett are the first mother and daughter duo in the history of the Syracuse Police Department. Before they became police officers, they earned Criminal Justice degrees from OCC. Carbone gave birth to Hassett while a student at OCC and utilized the on-campus day care, the Children’s Learning Center while she went to class. “I appreciate my mom more and more each day for working as hard as she did to get through school and provide for my brothers and me so we could have a better life,” Hassett said. Carbone shares a similar sentiment about her only daughter. “She makes me proud every day. I’m grateful we went to OCC and can share this experience of being police officers. It’s a bond that will be with us forever.”

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