Planting the Seeds of Learning

OCC student Alex Truong (on left wearing blue jean jacket) helped students plant a blackberry bush at McKinley-Brighton Elementary.

The partnership between Onondaga Community College and three schools in the Syracuse City School District will bear fruit one day. Students at Meachem, Roberts and McKinley-Brighton Elementary Schools planted thornless blackberry bushes at their school with the help of college  faculty and students.

OCC’s Meredith Cantor-Feller, Dean of Visual, Performing & Applied Arts, led the effort at each school. She spoke with students as the hole for each bush was being dug, the bush was planted and watered. Students at each school will be responsible for watering and maintaining the bush throughout the year.

This is the second year of the partnership between OCC and the Syracuse City School District. The goal is to help students start thinking about career opportunities and higher education at a younger age. During the first year of the pilot program lessons included arts and creative activities, STEM demonstrations and leadership activities. Students also took a field trip to OCC and enjoyed a day on campus.

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