8 Ways to Find Assistance Outside of the Classroom at OCC

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You can be the best student and have the hardest work ethic. But there still can be significant things in your life preventing you from succeeding academically. The Community Care Hub seeks to connect OCC students with the resources they need to remove obstacles in a person’s personal life. Here are 9 big ways the Community Care Hub at OCC can help you with life struggles.

Pro Tip: Fill out the benefits eligibility form to see what services you are eligible for and visit the Community Care Hub website

OCC’s Food Pantry

You can’t focus on school if you’re hungry. More college students today face issues earning enough money for food than before, so there’s no shame in getting help. OCC’s Food Pantry is open to all students and provides food to supplement short-term hunger. Watch this informational video for more info on the food pantry!

Long-Term Food Assistance

If you’re facing the prospect of going without food the long-term, the Community Care Hub can help connect you with resources in the community that can help address the problem. Don’t let the worry of affording food get in the way of building a better future.

Resources for Pregnant or Parenting Students

The Community Care Hub can help you find daycare and ways to afford these services while going to school. Whether it’s the Children’s Learning Center on-campus or off-campus resources, we can connect you to resources to reduce the stress associated with finding and affording childcare.

Tax Preparation

Most people don’t know where to begin when they file their taxes. The Community Care Hub can connect you with resources to help you file your taxes and get the most out of your money. Our community partners will also be on campus at various points throughout the semester.

Transportation Assistance

Having trouble getting to OCC? The Community Care Hub can provide you with bus passes, connect you with scholarships to fix your car and connect you with other ways to get classes on campus.

Affordable Healthcare & Medicaid

OCC can’t provide you with health insurance. But we can help you see if you’re eligible for Medicaid and assist you in finding a healthcare plan you can afford. Let us assist you in tackling your healthcare needs so you can focus on school!

Financial Assistance

Most people have trouble finding financial assistance in the community that can help fund their education. Our staff members will work with you to identify resources you may be eligible for and additional possibilities for addressing your financial concerns long-term.

Visit our website to learn more!

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