Five in a Row!!!

This class of Surgical Technology students is the fifth in a row to achieve 100% success rate on the national exam.

OCC’s Surgical Technology students have done it again! For the fifth year in a row 100% of the students enrolled in the program have passed the national exam. No other program in all of New York State can claim that level of success. “The first day of class I told them, ‘We have a perfect streak and I don’t expect you to let me down,’” said Department Chair MaryPat Annable.

Annable (right) works with Surgical Technology students.

The Surgical Technology certificate program takes students 10 months to complete. Students who become surgical technologists function in association with nurses and surgeons to help provide high-quality care of the surgical patient. Students learn how to scrub and assist during operating procedures, how to prepare, maintain, clean and store instruments, and how to become a valuable component of a surgical team that will deliver high-level care to the patient population. The program provides students both classroom and real-world experience. Classes are held twice a week on campus. Students also spend two days a week in local operating rooms, observing and assisting with surgeries. OCC’s Surgical Tech program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

Annable spent 10 years working in operating rooms and has been a professor at OCC since 1994. She enjoys the process of preparing new students every year and knows one day she may be their patient. “This is more personal than most jobs because as I get older I realize it could be me on that operating table one day. I don’t want to turn out anyone who would have any qualms about being there to help if I needed surgery. There’s no mental holiday with this job.”

Congratulations to OCC’s Surgical Technology program!

Learn more about the Surgical Technology Certificate.

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