Representing the Students

Clarence Shepard, 2017-18 Student Trustee

Clarence Shepard will represent the students on Onondaga Community College’s Board of Trustees. He will be sworn-in as Student Trustee September 26 at the Board’s first meeting of the academic year.

Shepard is a native of the Rochester area. He graduated from Rush-Henrietta Senior High School in 2014 and attended another community college before coming to OCC. He’s found a home in the Electronic Media Communications major. “I love it. It’s a lot of hands-on, working with cameras and scripts. There’s a lot of different projects. It keeps me focused. I’m not the type of person who can sit in a lecture and just listen. If I can get my hands on it and work it keeps me going.”

Shepard serves the campus community as a Student Ambassador, giving tours to prospective students. He’s also a Resident Assistant. This is his fourth semester overseeing life in the residence halls. “I love every bit of my job. I’m very approachable. Students come and talk to me about everything. I see students as humans, not just as a resident or a student. They always know they can come and talk to me.

In his role as Student Trustee Shepard wants to help fellow students understand the opportunities available on campus. “A lot of students don’t realize how much there is to do here. I want to make sure they are aware of everything OCC has to offer.”

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