Hien Lam

Hien Lam
  • Major: Mathematics & Science
  • Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hien came to the United States from Vietnam with the goal of bettering his life. Next May he will take a significant step in the process when he earns his college degree.

When Hien started taking classes in the spring 2016 semester he faced two immense challenges. He needed to learn English and figure out the best way to deal with Central New York winters. “It was really hard to learn English. In Vietnamese we use our tongue in a different way. To speak English, I need to use my tongue in a different way. I’ve gotten pretty good at it.” As for the winter, he adjusted well from Vietnam’s tropical climate. “The first day I came here the snow was falling and I had to walk from Gordon to Mawhinney. I had to cross the bridge and I was so cold I thought I was going to die along the way. I’ve gotten used to it.”

Hien has excelled in class where his outstanding coursework has earned him membership in international honor society Phi Theta Kappa. He’s also a Student Ambassador, taking prospective students and their families on campus tours. “I want to help people and introduce them to OCC. I’m very happy to tell them about my experience here.”

Hien’s goal is to use his Mathematics & Science degree as the first step in becoming a pharmacist and educating people in his home country. “I want to help people learn the right way to use medicine. In Vietnam we use antibiotics the wrong way. We don’t need a prescription to buy it. We can buy it anywhere. It’s not good. I want to help my country think about the right way to use medicine.”

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