8 Ways to Get Involved at OCC

8 Ways to Get Involved at OCC (Today @ OCC resized)

1. Join a Club or Organization

We’ve got 20+ clubs and organizations on-campus spanning many different interests. Join one to have fun between classes and occasionally go on cool trips. Fill out our interest form to get more information on clubs around campus.

2. Run for a Student Officer Position or the Student Trustee Spot

There are 6 student officers who are elected to 1-year positions. These officers help plan college events, market those events to the community, conduct service projects and influence campus decision making. The best part: all student officers are reimbursed for their tuition. Elections for student officers are run every spring but come to one of our general assembly meetings every other Monday to learn more about student government.

You could also serve as our student trustee. This person will sit on the Board of Trustees (a group that oversees the President) and represent the opinion of the entire student body. Applications to run are circulated in the Spring but you can get involved early by coming to one of the student body General Assembly meetings every other Monday.

Fill out the online form and select either of these options for more info!

3. Takeover the Campus Snapchat for a Day

If you don’t want to make a long-term commitment but want a way to get involved for a day, consider taking over the college’s Snapchat. You can showcase a day in your life or highlight your involvement in a cool campus event. Either way, it’s a cool and fun way you can get involved for a day. Fill out the online form if you’re interested.

4. Apply to be a Student Ambassador

Do you feel passionate about being a Lazer? Then maybe becoming a student ambassador is right for you. You’ll get to take groups of prospective students on tours and tell them why it’s great to be a Lazer! Attend the info session on September 1st in the Otis Suite of the SRC Arena or apply today to become a student ambassador.

5. Help Plan a Campus-wide Event

All the Fun Things to Do the 1st Week of Classes (Today @ OCC Resized)

If you like events like Party on the Quad or Welcome Fest, then you might want to join the Entertainment and Programming Board at OCC. They help plan events related to student programming. Make your voice heard so we host the type of events you want to see! Fill out the online form to express your interest.

6. Become a Social Media Reporter

Do you love to tweet, snap or post photos to Instagram? Then being a campus social media reporter might be for you. You’ll help the college post content to Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat and guide them on the type of things that will interest you on social media. Fill out the online application to get started with that today!

7. Volunteer for a Service Project

OCC has plenty of ways you can volunteer on campus and in the community. We host blood drives, work at nonprofits in the community and dedicate a whole day to volunteering on Onondaga Day of Service in the Fall. Fill out our online form to receive more info about volunteer opportunities.

8. Work in the Lazer Lounge

The Lazer Lounge is the place where students go to relax, hang out and blow off some steam. There’s video games, pool, ping pong, and more! So why not work there? Fill out our online form if you’re interested.

To get more info on how to get involved with these opportunities and more, fill out our online Get Involved Form!

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