Out-Of-This-World Opening Day

Student JD Wentling views the solar eclipse from the quad of the OCC campus.
The eclipse as seen through a telescope on the OCC quad.

It was a first day of classes unlike any other. Early in the afternoon students began gathering near the clock tower on the quad, putting on special glasses and looking toward the sky. They had come to observe the solar eclipse. “This makes me feel like I’m looking at history,” said student JD Wentling. “I had never seen an eclipse before today.”

Student Tyler Beagle, who is President of the Astronomy Club, brought his own large telescope to the quad so fellow students could enjoy the eclipse. Members of the campus community waited in line to see the stunning view it provided. “This telescope was donated to me about a year ago by a colleague of mine who had gotten married and needed to give away some things. He was kind enough to give it to me and I am happy to share it with everyone.”

OCC’s Physical Sciences Department also provided two telescopes and special eclipse viewing glasses. Coulter Library also shared glasses with students and displayed a live stream of NASA’s eclipse feed for people to view.

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