OCC Can Help You Through Personal Struggles While Completing Your Education; Here’s How

Personal struggles can get in the way of your studies. But a bump in the road shouldn’t prevent you from completing your education. At OCC, we have the Community Care Hub which exists to connect students with services that will help them overcome struggles in their lives.

If you haven’t registered because of personal obstacles, see if one of our services below can help you and consider continuing your education!

Food Pantry

OCC has a food pantry on campus that’s open to all students. It can provide you with food assistance short-term. If you’re food needs continue, we can connect you with community and government services that will be able to help you with your food needs.

Counseling Services

We also have a free counseling center on campus to help you with any struggles you might want to discuss with someone.

Housing Assistance

Having trouble finding affordable housing? We can connect you with services that can help. With your living situation stabilized you can continue on your path of building a better life for yourself.

Financial Assistance

Most people have trouble finding the financial assistance in the community they need to help fund their education. Our friendly screeners at the community care hub can help you find the scholarships you qualify for, the assistance you’d be able to receive and other ways of addressing your financial needs.

Transportation Assistance

If you’re having difficulty getting up to the campus for classes, we can provide transportation assistance. We have bus passes available for qualifying students and can even help connect you with a scholarship that helps gets your car fixed.


OCC can’t provide you with health insurance, but we can connect you with the free or most affordable services in the community that can help you identify your needs.

The Community Care Hub is located in the Gordon Student Center in Room 134. You can email them at communitycare@sunyocc.edu or call at 315-498-2801.

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