Why You Should Live in the OCC Residence Halls this Fall

You might not associate life in a residence hall with a community college. But at OCC, we have affordable residence halls that give college students the full college experience. We have three reasons why you should apply to live in our residence halls this fall!

Pro tip: Visit our housing website for a step by step checklist on how to apply for housing!

1. Live in a Community

Living on campus is a great way to instantly become part of a community and make new friends. Our residence hall Living Learning Communities consist of groups of students with common academic majors or interests like music, athletics, healthy lifestyles and more!

2. Save Travel Time

It’s not rocket science. If you’re close to campus that means more time to sleep and less time spent getting to class. It also means you are closer to all the cool stuff that’s happening on campus.

3. It’s Affordable

Most residence halls are expensive. OCC’s offer a more affordable option so you can still start your college experience for a fraction of the cost. Our housing rates start at $5,600 dollars, much cheaper than the national average of $10,400.

Apply for housing at OCC today!

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