How to Finance your Education at OCC

Paying for college can seem like an overwhelming process at times. That’s why OCC is committed to providing affordable quality education. Our annual tuition is $4,570 for 2017-2018 and there are lots of ways to make that tuition amount even more affordable. Here are the steps to take in order to finance your education.

Pro Tip: OCC’s financial aid office will help you fill out the financial aid application. Call 315-498-2291 or email to set up an appointment.

1. Apply for Financial Aid

Everyone attending college should apply for federal financial aid. Walk through the steps to see if you qualify on our financial aid website. If you do, create your FSA ID and fill out the FAFSA. Our office of financial aid is available to help guide you through the process if you need assistance.

2. Apply for TAP (New York State Residents Only)

Full-time students in New York State could be eligible for TAP. See if you’re eligible by walking through the steps on our financial aid website. If you qualify, gather your information and apply for TAP.

3. Apply for OCC Scholarships

OCC awards scholarships year-round. Complete our scholarship interest form to begin the process of applying for scholarships and don’t forget to apply for scholarships outside of OCC too.

4. Apply for the Excelsior Scholarship (New York State Residents Only)

If you’re a New York State resident and your family income is $100,000 or less than you may qualify for the Excelsior Scholarship. See if you meet the other requirements and apply for the Excelsior Scholarship today!

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