4 Reasons Why You Have to Finish Your Education

College can seem stressful and overwhelming. It can often seem like giving up is your only option. We’ve got 4 reasons why you need to stick with your education and how we can help you do it. If you haven’t already registered for Fall 2017 at OCC you still have time.

1. You’re Not Alone

Maybe you failed a class or two last semester. Maybe you had to take a semester off due to financial or personal reasons. Academic struggles can make you feel like your education isn’t worth it. The silver lining is this: only 56 percent of students complete their degree in the first six years. That means there are still tons of students working towards their degrees beyond the “normal” time frame. So if you’re feeling alone, remember it’s not uncommon to take a little longer to earn your degree.

2. Support is Here for You

Last semester might have been tough for you. You may have struggled academically or personally. Whatever the case, we want to see you succeed. Register for Fall and we’ll be there to support you with tutoring, connecting you with resources to support your personal struggles, career advice, specialized support for veterans, and accessibility resources. Let us know your struggles and we’ll do our best to help.

3. Make More Money

On average, students that graduate with a college degree earn around $20,000 dollars more than people who graduate with no college degree according to a recent Pew Research Study. They make $10,000 dollars more on average than students who only complete some college. So, if you’re ever sitting there wondering, “Is continuing my education worth it?” know that financially speaking, it is.

4. We Believe in You, So You Should Too

We know that many of our students go on to other great schools or get a good job right after graduation. There is no reason that can’t be you. Come ready to tackle your education and we’ll help support you through the process. Believe in where you’re going, we certainly do!

Visit OCC’s website to register for Fall 2017 classes!

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