Celebrating Our Employees

OCC is proud to celebrate the dedicated employees that serve the college, our students and the community. Employees were celebrated for their service at the Employee Appreciation Ceremony and BBQ this week.

Employees were celebrated of their years of service, contribution to major college initiatives like Achieving the Dream and Middle States, personal achievements, newly tenured status and more. The college also took time to honor all of the employees who retired in the past year and thank them for their many years of service.


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  • Philip Andon-McLane
  • Gabriele Antoni-Dorman
  • Diane Campbell
  • Carole Ciciarelli
  • Daniel Cleveland
  • Barbara Dennehy
  • James DiCosimo
  • Sheila Fenn
  • Daniel Fox
  • Philip Frame
  • Janice Hardy
  • Deborah Haylor-McDowell
  • Cheri Henderson
  • MaryAnn Hess
  • Karl Klein
  • Diane Knowlton
  • Jean Loftus
  • Viola Marcy
  • Rosemarie Martens
  • Pamela Martin-Louer
  • Linda McSherry
  • Valerie Melburg, Ph.D
  • Donald A. Miller
  • Andrea Moreno.
  • David W. Murphy
  • Jillann Neely
  • Rhonda Parvese
  • Edward Regan
  • Kathleen Tracy
  • Laurie Updegrove
  • Marie Zoanetti

40 Years of Service

  • David Abrams, D.M.A.

35 Years of Service

  • James F. Carey
  • Jane E. Stam

30 Years of Service

  • Christopher W. Besanson

20 Years of Service

  • Martin R. Fenner
  • Jennifer L. Jocz
  • Mary Beth M. Kelly
  • Annette Krisak
  • Joan A. Powers
  • Shirley A. Vogt
  • Rachel Williams

15 Years of Service

  • Stephanie M. Aldrich
  • Maria I. Bendura
  • Kelly M. Cotto
  • Randall E. Frech
  • Gail Jones
  • Amy K. Mech
  • Mary Jude Plunkett
  • Wendy P. Ruck
  • Darleen L. Snyder
  • Jill M. Steiner
  • Linh T. Twiss
  • Larry M. Weiskirch, Ph.D.
  • Syreeta A. Williams
  • Meredith A. Wolanske

10 Years of Service

  • Meredith L. Cantor-Feller
  • Joseph M. DelVecchio
  • Shawn C. Emmons
  • Douglas E. Hagrman, Ph.D.
  • Kenneth V. Iandolo
  • Mattie R. Jones
  • James R. Kelly
  • Marta A. Loomis
  • Julie C. March

5 Years of Service

  • Kevin L. Ashiono
  • Richard D. Blankenship
  • Daneen M. Brooks
  • Sandra W. Dobrzynski
  • Ryan A. Gustin
  • Kevin W. Kline
  • Brian M. Kotlarz
  • Peter A. Losurdo
  • Michael J. Ludwig
  • Dolores A. Massaro
  • Irene M. McIntyre
  • Edward J. Regan
  • Wanda I. Rivera
  • Thomas E. Rush
  • Anthony M. Smith
  • Dennis M. Thoryk
  • Melvin G. Troutman
  • Anne M. Tuttle, Ph.D.
  • Andrew J. Volski
  • Shawn G. Wiemann, Ph.D.
  • Michael J. Wood
  • Melanie S. Woodward

The ceremony was followed by a BBQ thanking employees for all their hard work.

One thought on “Celebrating Our Employees

  1. A very fine ceremony and a great barbecue afterwards. Thanks to the staff for arranging it. Thanks to the President for hosting and arranging the weather. Thanks to American Dining for cooking. Thanks to the Facilities and Maintenance staff for setting up and clearing up after us. They do great work, always! We are fortunate!


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