5th Graders Go To College

5th grade students from McKinley-Brighton Elementary learn how to treat a patient recovering from an appendectomy while visiting the Nursing major on campus.

Students from Syracuse’s McKinley-Brighton Elementary School got a first-hand look at what college is like when they spent a day on campus. “It was really fun,” said student Ke’ojulay Walker. “I got to learn a lot of things, meet a lot of people and see what college is like at OCC. I want to come back here some day when I am old enough.”

Walker and more than three dozen of her 5th grade classmates had the opportunity to experience hands-on learning in numerous academic departments. Students visited the Criminal Justice major and were introduced to a career in law enforcement. OCC students taught McKinley-Brighton students how to dust for fingerprints and learned key qualities police officers should have.

McKinley-Brighton students also learned about the Human Services and Teacher Education major. They created felt banners which they were able to bring home with them, played Pictionary, charades and discussed a career in teaching.

Students also visited the Physical Therapist Assistant program. They went through a series of exercises with OCC student leaders and learned the importance of remaining physically fit.

The Nursing major provided students the opportunity to wear medical gear like they were working in a hospital. Faculty helped students dress wounds and learn how to treat various injuries.

The McKinley-Brighton students were brought to the Great Room in the Gordon Student Center where they observed Tibetan Monks creating a sand mandala. Then it was off to the Bistro in the Gordon Student Center. Students enjoyed lunch along with OCC students and learned about healthy eating and fitness from members of the Physical Education & Exercise Science major before returning to McKinley-Brighton.

OCC’s involvement with McKinley-Brighton is the product of a partnership aimed at helping students think about career opportunities and higher education.

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