Evan Schumacher

Evan Schumacher
  • High School: Palo Verde in Las Vegas, Class of 2015
  • Major: Communications

The Schumacher family has a philosophy: turn a successful career in athletics into a college education. Evan Schumacher’s older brother did it when he attended a junior college in Nebraska to play baseball and wound up transferring to a four-year college. Now Evan is attempting a similar feat. He’s playing lacrosse at OCC with the goal of getting to the next level. “I want to use lacrosse to further my education and receive better scholarships when I transfer.”

Schumacher is one of 18 players on the Men’s Lacrosse roster whose hometown is outside New York State. He came to OCC from Las Vegas after typing the words “junior college lacrosse” into a computer search engine. “The first school to come up was Onondaga Community College. I sent in a highlight tape to a few junior colleges. I decided on Onondaga because it had the best facilities, the best program, the best coaching and the best opportunities afterwards to transfer.”

In his second year on campus Schumacher has learned to enjoy Central New York’s weather. “I like all four seasons. I don’t mind the cold and even the summers aren’t that hot. Ninety degrees here is a lot better than 120 back home!”

Schumacher enjoys serving as a Student Ambassador, giving tours to perspective students who visit the OCC campus. “It’s cool to meet people. I like showing them the amazing school we have and try to get them to come here. I know when I came here to visit, saw the facilities and how it was much closer to a university than a junior college, it made my decision.”

On the lacrosse field Schumacher is a face-off specialist. His success plays a critical role in the Lazers success. He wears number 19 and has the numbers and letters “JH 19” on his helmet in honor of a former high school teammate. Jeremy Huber was a year older than Schumacher and was a standout lacrosse player and teammate at Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas. During Huber’s freshman year at Johns Hopkins he died of influenza that developed into pneumonia. “Jeremy’s brother Justin was a year behind me in high school and a teammate on the lacrosse team. My senior year we won the state championship and dedicated the season to Jeremy. I think about him every time I step on the lacrosse field.”

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