Time Capsule Dedicated

Is it possible one day we will look back at the year 2016 as, “The good old days?” We’ll find out later this century. Students in OCC’s chapter of honor society Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) dedicated a time capsule Monday, March 20 in the lobby of the newly renovated Coulter Library. The time capsule was filled with information about present day family life and current events. It will be reopened in the year 2041.

The ceremony was the culmination of PTK students’ “Honors in Action” project. Students conducted research, then put it into action. An on-line survey created by student Jerry Tingley (East Syracuse Minoa High School) gave members of the campus community the opportunity to share information regarding the makeup of their family. Respondents could also submit photos of their families.

During the dedication all of the information was put into the time capsule along with other timely items including a PTK shirt and sunglasses, the Chicago Sun Times from November 3, 2016 trumpeting the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series and the New York Times from January 21, 2017, the day after Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as our nation’s 45th President.

The time capsule is made of aluminum diamond plate. It was designed and built by Robert Bell, a machinist who is the father of PTK President Haley Hurst (Port Byron High School). It can be viewed at the bottom of the stairwell in Coulter Library.

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