Kaitlyn Winks

Kaitlyn Winks
Kaitlyn Winks

High School: Central Square, Class of 2015

Major at OCC: Mathematics & Science with an Honors minor

Two years ago Kaitlyn Winks was a high school senior considering her college options. She applied to eight schools and got into all of them but none seemed affordable. “With room and board it was just so expensive. My parents encouraged me to consider OCC. I started looking at it and realized I could save a lot of money, explore my options and figure out what I really wanted to do.”

Winks started at OCC in the fall 2015 semester and came to the conclusion she had chosen wisely. “After a month or so I really started getting involved in the Honors program. I met a lot of people and realized I made the right decision.

During her time at OCC Winks also realized her interest in a career in a biology-related field. “I could get into Biomedical Engineering and design prosthetics. I could choose Neuroscience and study the brain. I could select Biochemistry and go into Pharmaceuticals. I want to be able to help people and any of those careers would work.”

Winks has been an outstanding student at OCC, earning membership in international honor society Phi Theta Kappa. She will receive her degree this May and has targeted four colleges she is interested in transferring to: SUNY Binghamton, RIT, RPI and Clarkson.

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