Focus on Children

The burner lights up. Pat Martin begins to make her oatmeal. She’s also brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Every morning starts with this routine of steel cut oats and a cup of black coffee. But from there, no two things are the same as Martin embarks on a whole new day.

Martin believes good early childhood education is the key to success in life. It’s why she’s dedicated her time to programs like the Early Childhood A.A.S degree and Early Childhood Career Advancement (ECCAL II). She’s a firm believer in integrating the latest education theories with practical real world experience. “Being accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children gives the program the type of credibility employers are looking for when they hire our graduates or when they transfer to teacher education institutions.”

For Martin, developing good early childhood education is personal too. “I have five grandchildren so I have a vested interest in quality early childhood education.” It’s clear Martin has propelled the programs she manages to great success with her dedication and spirit.

When you sit in on her class, it also quickly becomes clear how much she connects with her OCC students, getting them to laugh and learn at the same time. She analyzed children’s books with a critical lens, teaching her students good practices for reading and why the lesson of the book is important for observation and assessment of young children as well as for kids. For Martin, it truly is all about education.

Pat Martin is the Department Chair for Human Services and Teacher education. She is a professor in the Early Childhood Education A.A.S. and serves on the Middle States work group. Martin has served at OCC for 16 years.

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