Vernon Macklin

Vernon Macklin
Vernon Macklin
  • High School: Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central, Class of 2015
  • Major @ OCC: Electronic Media Communications

Vernon Macklin started fitting in on the OCC campus while he was in high school. He took classes here while attending the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central, easing his transition once he became a full-time student. “I already knew people on campus and where all of the buildings were. It definitely gave me a head start.”

Macklin’s high school coursework in Media Communication made OCC’s Electronic Media Communications (EMC) major a natural fit for him. “The whole EMC Department here is really good. You feel like you know everyone. You have many of the professors more than once and really get to know them while you are here.”

Outside class Macklin has been involved in clubs and organizations where one opportunity has led to another. As a freshman he served as Vice President of the Film Club and Secretary of the Drama Club. His position with the Drama Club required him to attend Student General Assembly meetings. His participation there led to him being named Vice President of Entertainment and Programming for the Student Association during his sophomore year. “Once I started getting involved in things I felt like, ‘I can do more on campus.’”

Macklin will earn his degree this May. He plans to transfer to either SUNY Oswego or SUNY Purchase. His career goal is to become a writer for television and film. All of his experiences on campus helped him plan his future. “Being here at OCC helped me focus on what I want to do in life. All the extracurricular activities gave me purpose. There are so many things you can be involved with and take part in.”

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