Study Abroad Program Provides Students with a World of Learning Opportunities

OCC Students and Faculty on a 2016 Study Abroad trip to Peru.
OCC Students and Faculty on a 2016 Study Abroad trip to Peru.

Onondaga Community College students will have the opportunity to learn in some of the world’s most beautiful and historic places this year. There are four outstanding Study Abroad opportunities for students to participate in.


  • Tropical Marine Biology and Geology, March 10-19

Students will spend 10 days in the Bahamas as part of a three credit field class (GEO 290). Past and present marine environments will be studied by snorkeling over patch reefs, sub-tidal sand and grass-algae flats and hard-grounds, as well as hiking beach and intertidal habitats and exploring geologic features such as caves. Students will conduct research and write a research paper. Students can contact Professor Melissa Hicks ( regarding future trips.


  • Spain, May 21-June 11

The World Languages department is proud to offer a three week intensive Spanish program in Madrid, the capital of Spain and one of Europe’s finest cities.  Students will receive a total of 70 hours of Spanish instruction in small group settings from a native speaker.  They will live with a local Spanish family and enjoy excursions and activities in Madrid and other nearby historic cities.  Highlights include seeing 700 years of European art at the Prado Museum, a Flamenco dance show, and seeing a 2,000-year-old Roman aqueduct in Segovia. Credit is offered for SPA 201, 202 or 299. Professor Tim Scott ( is the faculty leader.


  • Italy, July 6-31

Students will earn credit (ART 253) as they become totally immersed into the culture and lifestyle of Italy, staying in renovated historic villas close to shops, cafes, restaurants, and the city center. Students will learn about the art and culture of Italy during the Early to High Renaissance periods, focusing on the cities of Tuscany and Umbria during the 15th and 16th centuries. They will study first-hand the sculpture, painting, architecture, and major artistic contributions of master artists such as Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Masaccio, Giotto, Ghiberti, and many more. Course lectures will be conducted on-site, in museums, on the steps of churches, and while touring historic sites. Art History Professor Chair Christine Kukenberger ( is the faculty leader.


  • Cuba, May 14-23

Students will learn about the history and culture of Cuba, meet the Cuban people, discover how the restoration of the relations with the U.S. may change the island nation, visit old and new Havana, and journey to the countryside and coastal regions. It’s a unique opportunity for students to visit a Caribbean nation that has been out of reach to most U.S. citizens for the past 50 years! As the doors to Cuba swing open, our students will be among the first to experience Cuba’s colorful history, customs, through friendly people eager to share their culture. Students can contact Professor Annie Tuttle ( regarding future trips.


Scholarship opportunities for future Study Abroad trips will be available. Inquire with the faculty leader on the trip and apply early!

One thought on “Study Abroad Program Provides Students with a World of Learning Opportunities

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