Sage’s Lifelong Learning Journey

Sage Sirotkin is passionate about everything in her life. She’s passionate about learning, about her family and about children and teenagers. It’s these passions that have guided her through life, eventually leading her to the Associate Vice President of K-12 Partnerships position here at OCC.

Sirotkin grew up in Verona where she enjoyed babysitting and spending time with her younger nieces, nephews, and cousins. When she graduated from high school her father didn’t want her to go to college because she was a woman and wouldn’t need higher education. She went, in part, to spite him.

Sirotkin struggled during her first semester of college, dropped out and went into retail management. She would return to school a short time later and ultimately earn bachelor’s degrees in English and History from Syracuse University. She chose history, in part, to be able to win the history pie in the board game Trivial Pursuit and beat her friend.

After earning her master’s degree in Education, Sirotkin married and blended her family with her husband’s. She always dreamed of a big family and today they have five children. “Family is the most important thing to me. Anytime I make a professional decision I think about my family.”

Sirotkin’s commitment to family led her to employment opportunities that allowed her to balance work with the needs of her family. “I worked from home so I could spend time with my kids,” Eventually she would find work at her children’s school, Danforth Elementary in the Syracuse City School District.

Sirotkin transitioned to OCC at the start of the year and has enjoyed her first month on campus. On weekends she spends time with her family. From November to March her life revolves around Syracuse University Basketball. “I never miss a game. I had to miss one in January and it was absolutely killing me. I couldn’t stop talking about it for days.”

Sage Sirotkin is the Associate Vice President of K-12 Partnerships at OCC. She oversees the P-Tech program, Liberty Partnership Program, College Credit Now, and more early college education programs.

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