Top Tutors Honored

Helene Brophy tutors math at the Learning Center.
Helene Brophy tutors math at the Learning Center.

The Learning Center is a popular place in the days and weeks leading up to final exams. It’s where students go for help with their coursework. During that busy period students voted Helene Brophy and Greg Maslyn “Tutors of the Month.”

Brophy has been tutoring students in math since the 2009-2010 academic year when she was also a student here. “I was taking classes on electricity. Many students could do the electricity part of the lab but had a hard time with math. I ended up helping them and said to myself, ‘I can be a tutor!’”

Brophy earned an associate degree in Computer Science in 2010 and recently completed work on a bachelor’s in Math from a college in her native France. As she was taking classes she continued to help other students. “I love math and I love helping people. I want to encourage anyone who is afraid of math to come here and get tutoring. Anyone who thinks they are not good in math should give it a try. Don’t let math prevent you from getting your degree.”

Greg Maslyn
Greg Maslyn tutors students in Ecology, French and Statistics.

Greg Maslyn is currently a student at OCC. The 2010 graduate of Central Square High School is majoring in Humanities & Social Sciences and is a member of international honor society Phi Theta Kappa. Maslyn tutors students in three diverse subjects: Ecology, French and Statistics. “I’ve grown to love teaching Ecology the most because it’s the one I do the most. I have a solid understanding of the course material and it makes the sessions fun. I think everyone I had this semester was a non-science major and the students did a really good job. It was fun to watch them progress.”

Maslyn is also a talented musician who gives private lessons in guitar, drums, piano and vocals. After he earns his degree in 2017 he plans to take pursue his first love. “I’ve always back-seated a career in music but if I’m going to try something in it I need to do it now. I’ll probably relocate to a larger city and give my music a shot. If all else fails I love the prospect of teaching whether it’s music or something different. The things I love most are helping, learning and playing music.”

Congratulations to Helene Brophy and Greg Maslyn, the Learning Center’s latest Tutors of the Month! If you’re interested in becoming a tutor or being tutored at the Learning Center call (315) 498-2103 and speak with a staff member.

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