October’s Tutor of the Month

Joe Cesta (right) is October's Tutor of the Month at the Learning Center.
Joe Cesta (right) is October’s Tutor of the Month at the Learning Center.

The students he helps often tell him he should become a teacher. Someday he just might. For now Joe Cesta is happy where he is. “I’m quite content to be tutoring,” said Cesta who has been named the Learning Center’s “Tutor of the Month” for October.

Cesta is an OCC alum having earned his Engineering Science degree in 2012. He tutors approximately 15 students a week in Physics, Calculus and Engineering. He’s recently become an imbedded tutor, sitting in on a 100 level Physics class. “It’s helpful to see what problems the teacher assigns. It allows me to build what I do directly off the teacher.”

This is a rewarding time of the semester for Cesta. His students have been working hard for nearly three months and making significant progress. “Sometimes they don’t see how far they’ve come. They’ll come to me at the beginning of the year having trouble breaking a vector into XY components. Now they’re able to get most of a complicated problem on their own. At this point most people have gotten good enough that the extent of my assistance is, ‘You should have used cosign there, you lost a negative there,’ those kinds of quick fixes.”

Congratulations to Joe Cesta, October’s Tutor of the Month! If you’re interested in becoming a tutor or being tutored at the Learning Center call (315) 498-2103 and speak with a staff member.

With final exams coming up the Learning Center is offering two sessions to assist students with stress management and test-taking strategies. The first session is Monday, November 21 at 5 p.m. The second is Friday, December 2 at 11:30 a.m.

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