Austin Sculley

Austin Sculley
Austin Sculley
  • High School: Whitney Point, Class of 2016
  • Major at OCC: Fire Protection Technology

When people need help Austin Sculley will be there. He’s enrolled in the College’s Fire Protection Technology program with the goal of becoming a doctor of emergency medicine. “I was a member of the Whitney Point Volunteer Fire Department all throughout high school. I came here for Open House, saw the science involved in the Fire Protection Technology major and realized it would fit with pre-med. I thought it would be the best option for my career.”

Firefighting is a family tradition for the Sculley’s. Austin is a third generation firefighter. His interest in medicine came from observing his mother who is a practice manager in a doctor’s office. “I grew up watching her, got involved in the fire department, got to see the intricacies of an emergency room and liked the fast paced nature of it. I work well in stressful situations and being able to help people in a way that most people cannot.”

Sculley is taking part in the Fire Protection Technology major’s bunk-in program. He’s living in the North Syracuse Fire Department free of charge in exchange for being available to respond to emergency calls. The program provides residents with enhanced fire protection, students with significant financial savings and the opportunity to work side-by-side with professionals while receiving valuable hands-on training 24 hours a day. Sculley is soaking up the knowledge and experience of those around him. “Everyone there has done something amazing in their life. As a young firefighter our Chief rescued someone from a burning building. One of our members is a Chief in the City of Syracuse Fire Department. Another firefighter is a retired SWAT Team member. Everyone there is so well versed in different parts of life it offers insight into who you want to become and what you want to strive for. It’s nice to have those people give you advice and help you get through a problem you might otherwise not be able to get through.”

Between his duties at the North Syracuse Fire Department and his 21-credit course load Sculley is constantly on the go. During his first semester he’s enjoyed his time on campus end everything the College has to offer. “There are a lot of cultures and influences here that some bigger universities don’t get because they’re so focused on specific studies. I like the atmosphere here. I like how small but how broad it is.”

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