Learning Online

Kyle Whitson will earn his Health Information Technology degree next month. He takes classes online while living and working in Buffalo.

In some ways Kyle Whitson is a typical OCC non-traditional student, juggling a full-time job with course work while pursuing a degree. What makes his story unique is that Whitson lives and works in Buffalo. He’s a researcher who will earn a degree from OCC this December in Health Information Technology (HIT). He’s taken all of his classes online.

Students who successfully complete the HIT major are eligible for employment supporting patient care providers to help ensure complete and accurate medical records. Their duties include facilitating data queries for statistical purposes, transitioning to electronic medical records and record archival, data privacy and security, as well as information governance. They also play a key role in the reimbursement process through their coding activities.

Whitson says OCC’s HIT program was perfect for him because of his work in computational chemistry and his desire to pursue a career in medicine. “I believed my background in data management for the sciences would couple nicely with the knowledge I would obtain. I specifically chose OCC because of the flexibility offered by the online blended format.”

Whitson says the atmosphere within the HIT program has played a significant role in his online success. “I was able to build great relationships with other students and faculty. Fellow students in the program actively participated in online discussions and made it feel like a classroom setting. Faculty members in the program were very helpful throughout the entire process.”

Whitson will earn his HIT degree 11 years after graduating from Elmira’s Southside High School. He’s confident the knowledge learned in OCC’s program will put him on the path to a successful career. “There was a wide range of domains covered in the coursework. I gained a lot of knowledge about the management of health data. My perception of the profession has greatly expanded and I am excited to join the field soon upon graduation.”

Interested in learning online like Whitson? You can contact the College at (315) 498-2804 or ODL@sunyocc.edu to learn more.

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