Melat Haile

Melat Haile
  • Major: Nursing
  • High School: Lycée Guebre Mariam in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Melat Haile has traveled half way around the world to attend OCC. Her home is in Africa in the Ethiopian capital city of Addis Ababa. “I love it here. Coming from a third world country it is easy to see and appreciate how many resources OCC has. In my home we don’t have fast internet to work with. Sometimes we run out of water or the electricity is turned off.”

After finishing high school in Ethiopia, Haile decided to come to the United States to pursue a college education. She moved in with her aunt and uncle in the Syracuse area, got her green card and enrolled at OCC. She’d always wanted to go into a medical field and decided to major in Nursing. “I love being able to help people. You literally make their day by helping them out, not just by giving them their medications or taking their vital signs but just by being there for them. So many people at the hospital don’t have anyone to visit them. Just being there for them is very important.”

Haile has embraced life on campus. She works as a Student Ambassador giving campus tours to prospective students. She’s also an RA in one of the College’s four residence halls. “Being an RA is awesome. You learn a lot of skills, meet a lot of people and find out all of the resources campus has to offer.”

Haile will graduate in December 2017. Her goal is to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees on the way to becoming a nurse practitioner or an RN. In the meantime she’s loving life in the U.S. and is excited about the limitless opportunities here. “America is really the land of opportunities. I want everyone to use what they have to the fullest.”

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