You’re Hired! – Anthony Olmstead ‘15

Anthony Olmstead '15 in his office at Kishmish
Anthony Olmstead ’15 in his office at Kishmish

Onondaga Community College is filled with opportunities for students who seek them out. Anthony Olmstead is proof of that. He started at a four-year school, found it wasn’t the right fit and left after one semester. He spent a year working and knew he needed to pursue higher education. His passion for computers attracted him to OCC. “I knew a two-year degree would help me start my career faster without accumulating more debt.”

Internship Coordinator, Rose Martens
Internship Coordinator, Rose Martens

Olmstead enrolled in the Computer Science major, took classes part time and eventually became a full time student. During his second year on campus he tried to network with local companies related to his major but struggled. That’s when he paid a visit to the College’s Career and Applied Learning (CAL) Center which provides a variety services aimed at helping students gain employment. “I met with Rose (Martens) there and she was wonderful. She helped me with my resume and was able to line me up with a couple of prospective internships in only three or four review sessions.”

In January 2015 Olmstead became an intern at Kishmish, a Syracuse company which provides businesses of all sizes with innovative solutions in IT, data, voice and digital marketing. He worked three days a week, found himself getting more immersed in the company and loved every minute of it. “Getting that ‘real world’ experience through the CAL Center set me on a course for success. The day-to-day workforce experience can’t be learned in the classroom.” Throughout the semester Olmstead’s hours expanded. In May as he was completing work toward his degree, Olmstead was offered and accepted a full-time position. He’s grateful for the opportunity he found at OCC and the path it set him on. “I got where I am today because of my passion for the work I do and because I wasn’t afraid to ask for help. I would not be where I am without OCC and the CAL Center.”

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