Climbing the Ladder: Anthony Serdula ‘77


Anthony “Tony” Serdula is a first-generation college student who made the most of the opportunities he found at Onondaga Community College. Serdula graduated from Central high school in the Binghamton area and chose OCC because of its Architectural Technology program. “I always had a fascination with buildings from the overall structure to repairing them. I enjoyed the entire process behind each one.”

Serdula found he loved life on campus. The environment and learning experience were exactly what he needed. “I often call it the best two years of my life because of the offerings and the quality of the education. When I graduated I felt like I was ready for anything. I still find myself using the foundational components of what I learned at OCC every day.”

After earning his degree Serdula married his high school sweetheart, Anne. He also kept building his career by working in construction management and business management. In 1999 he created the A. Anthony Corp. which specializes in high-level facility management consultation for some of the largest global companies. Nearly two decades after starting his own business Serdula sees a future filled with success. “My focus is always on continuous improvement and change which can keep my business on the cutting edge. These fundamental strategies were first taught to me at OCC. It’s why I tell my friends, ‘The best bang for my buck was the money I spent to go there.’”

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