Student Commencement Speaker

TOP OF STORY Marissa DeLand - student commencement speakerMarissa DeLand will be the student speaker at Onondaga Community College’s commencement. The event will be held Saturday, May 14 at 10 a.m. in the SRC Arena and Events Center. “I’m honored to have been chosen,” DeLand said. “This year has been filled with numerous opportunities and I am excited to end it with this final opportunity. I can’t wait for commencement day!”

DeLand is a 2013 graduate of Marcellus High School. She came to OCC with the intention of fulfilling her general education requirements, transferring to a four-year college and pursuing a pharmacy degree. During her third semester she changed her mind, kept her Mathematics and Science major and decided to add on a Business Administration major. “I’m fortunate I realized here I wanted to change majors rather than at a college which cost a lot more money. A lot of students think they know what they want to do and they go to a bigger, more expensive school. Then they realize they want to change their major but now they owe a lot of money and it’s like they are starting over.”

DeLand loves helping students, whether they’re currently enrolled at OCC or considering coming here. She can often be seen working as a Student Ambassador, leading high school students and their families on campus tours. DeLand also serves as a Peer Connector assisting students through the class registration process. In the fall 2015 semester she joined the Student Association as Vice President of Clubs and Organizations. She oversees all of the clubs on campus and makes sure they get what they need.

The OCC experience has been perfect for her. “I’ve loved it. I like the small class sizes and how personal you can get with your professors. They know your name and what you want to do after OCC. If I would have gone from Marcellus to a place with much bigger class sizes it would have been difficult.”

DeLand will transfer to SUNY Oswego and major in business administration. She also plans to pursue a master’s degree in project management.

One thought on “Student Commencement Speaker

  1. Congrats Marissa. I saw you somewhere in the class. We did the same thing changing major from Science to Business. Wish you have the colorful years ahead.


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