Jobs for Students and Alums

TOP OF STORY Job & Experience Fair 009

OCC Student Beatrice Faida
OCC Student Beatrice Faida

Beatrice Faida came to OCC’s Job & Experience Fair April 20 in search of a job. Faida took her time going through the Allyn Hall gymnasium, perusing the 90 employers who had set up displays and hung their banners in search of employees. “It was great the way there were so many businesses in one place,” Faida said. “You could never visit all of them in one day if they weren’t here.”

Nearly 400 job seekers attended the fair which was organized and presented by the College’s Career and Applied Learning Center. It was the headliner in a series of events which began in March, all aimed at helping students and alumni find jobs. Related events focused on resume and LinkedIn profile writing, good and bad things to say to a prospective employer and how to dress for an interview and work. The Center collected donated professional clothes for students and alumni to utilize for interviews and jobs.

Professional clothes collected for students and alums.
Professional clothes were collected for students and alums.

As for Faida, she’s a second semester student who is a native of Tanzania. She’s involved in the Liberty Partnerships Program which provides assistance to students who may be at risk or underprepared for college or a career. Her goal is to find employment assisting others. “I want a job where I can help people from other countries who have gone through a transition to the United States like I have.”

The College’s Career and Applied Learning Center is open year round to help students like Faida and alumni. You can learn more by contacting the center at (315) 498-2585 or

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