Giving Back to the Community

TOP OF STORY JAMAA 002OCC students played a key role in a Black History Month celebration in the community. Student organization JAMAA participated in an event titled, “Foundation of African American Culture in Syracuse.” JAMMA means “family” in Swahili. The event was held at the revitalized Dunbar Center on South State Street. OCC students helped assemble packets of materials for the event and presented the Center with a check for just over $800. The money was raised by OCC students who sold Black History Month t-shirts and “In honor of…” placards.

Established in 1918 in the City of Syracuse, The Dunbar Association’s legacy encompasses almost 100 years of service to the African American community.  The services the agency provides include: senior services social support, health and wellness programs, youth development and after schools programs, teen empowerment programming, youth enrichment focused on healthy eating and exercise, and community programs focused on social justice and advocacy.


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