Campaigning for OCC

TOP OF STORY Valesky, DeFrancisco, Kristen Bella, Maurice Brown and Casey 004
Advocating for OCC (left to right) State Senator Dave Valesky, State Senator John DeFrancisco, student Kristen Bella, student Maurice Brown and OCC President Dr. Casey Crabill.

It’s budget season in New York State! Every year around this time lawmakers hear from constituents who are looking for increased support in the upcoming year.

CROPPED Casey, Kristen Bella, Mag & Mo
From left to right: OCC President Dr. Casey Crabill, Kristen Bella, Assemblyman William Magnarelli and student Maurice Brown.

At OCC it’s the perfect opportunity for President Casey Crabill and members of the College’s Politics Club to deliver their message about all of the great work being done on campus and vision for the future. Crabill along with students Maurice Brown and Kristen Bella just completed meetings with State representatives Senator John DeFrancisco (R, 50th District), Assemblywoman Pam Hunter (D, 128th District), Assemblyman William Magnarelli (D, 129th District), Assemblyman Al Stirpe (D, 127th District) and Senator Dave Valesky (D, 53rd District).

“It was a good experience,” said Brown, a sophomore from Brooklyn. “We advocated for more funding. I got to learn first-hand how politicians think and what their concerns were.”

“The experience taught me that local and state governments are just as fundamental as the federal government,” said Bella, a freshman from Finger Lakes Christian High School in Seneca Falls. “I’m confident my voice as well as OCC’s voice was heard and our representatives truly care about our students and their futures.”

Another session with a lawmaker will be happening March 10 when students meet with Assemblyman Gary Finch (R, 126th District) on the OCC campus.

The advocacy visits are coordinated by Susan Tormey, the College’s Associate Vice President for Advancement Communications.

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