Lawrence Chiappone

Lawrence ChiapponeLawrence Chiappone is an artist. Whether he’s juggling on campus during Party on the Quad, playing bass in local progressive metal band Spire or editing videos, Chiappone loves to focus on both the details and the craft of whatever he is working on. His academic passion is video editing, a skill he works on regularly as an Electronic Media Communications major.  “Professor Mark Ballard is my mentor. He’s the greatest teacher I’ve ever come across. He’s done a lot of good for me the way he speaks about this art form. His passion is transferrable. You can feel it when he speaks with you.”

Chiappone is very active outside class as the vice president of media for the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement. Being involved in campus life has had a profound impact on him. “I was a quiet introvert. It gave me a chance to help other students and share my experience and my advice with them and gave them a reason to listen and take it seriously. Helping other students has helped me develop myself.”

Chiappone is a 2007 graduate of West Genesee High School. He’s on track to earn his associate degree in May 2016. His goal is to direct music videos or documentaries.

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