Albert Burt

Albert Burt 007The magic of a computer search engine brought Albert Burt from Brooklyn to OCC. “I wanted to get away from the city and go somewhere where I could focus. I literally Googled ‘community colleges with dorms’ and here I am!”

Burt is majoring in Computer Science and sees it presenting him with limitless career options. “It’s an area in which you can literally create anything. Our cell phones are computers with applications we use daily for social media and email. There are a lot of opportunities. Within my major people have gone on from here and transferred to places like Berkeley, UC-San Diego and MIT. That’s big stuff!”

The College has had a profound impact on Burt outside of class. In the fall 2015 semester he became an officer in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement and joined numerous boards on campus in which his opinions were both requested and valued. “Being here literally changed my world view. The moment that I sat down at one of the College leadership council meetings, being able to speak amongst them, and being able to bring viable solutions opened my eyes that I can affect change and my voice is important. It made me fearless about voicing my opinion.”

Burt’s career goal is to work for a large tech company, a dream made possible by the foundation he’s building at OCC. “Being from an inner city we’re never really told a career like this is a viable option. If I’m not introduced to something how do I know? I believe everyone has a spark of genius in them… they just have to be introduced to it.”

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