Brittany Montpetit


cropped Brittany MontpetitThe first time Brittany Montpetit sang in public was in middle school. The song was Hillary Duff’s “Wake Up,” a pop tune which won a Radio Disney Music Award for Song of the Year. By her own admission she’s come a long way since then.

Montpetit (right) sings with Opera Tenor Dinyar Vania at the 2015 Alumni Faces event.

Montpetit (right) sings with Opera Tenor Dinyar Vania at the 2015 Alumni Faces event.

Montpetit’s vocal highlight to date came on the night of Wednesday, October 28 when she stood side-by-side with Opera Tenor Dinyar Vania and performed Brindisi from LA TRAVIATA. “It was my best performance ever and my favorite performance ever,” she said. Vania and Montpetit sang together on the stage of the Recital Hall in OCC’s Academic II building. When they finished they received a long and well-deserved standing ovation. Their performance capped off the Alumni Faces celebration at which Vania was one of four graduates honored for their achievements.

Montpetit graduated from Cicero-North Syracuse High School in 2014 and came to OCC where she is majoring in Music with a specialization in Voice. “I love my professors here. Professor (Jean) Loftus is so helpful. We’re like best friends!”

It was another Voice Professor, David J. Rudari, D.M.A. who contacted Montpetit in June about the opportunity to sing with Vania. “He gave me the music and asked me to learn it.” Montpetit had performed Italian pieces in high school and felt comfortable with the opportunity. She worked all summer and into the fall on it. On the day of the event she had exactly a half-hour to practice it with Vania. “I was so nervous all day but Dr. Rudari told me, ‘If you’re not nervous what’s the point of being up there?’ Being nervous is good! It shows you care.”

You can watch the amazing performance below. College President Dr. Casey Crabill introduces everyone. Vania and Montpetit perform with the OCC Concert Choir and Pianist Katharine Ciarelli under the direction of Conductor Rudari.

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