Shelyta Rowser

cropped Shelyta Rowser

Shelyta Rowser is a 32-year-old mother of two who loves the college experience, in part because of what it took for her to get here. “I struggled with dead-end jobs. At some point I realized education was the best way for me to earn the income I needed for me and my family.”

Rowser’s path to an education began in 2012 when she pursued her GED. “I struggled to get it. As soon as I got it I knew I wanted to go to college.” Rowser began taking classes at OCC in the spring 2015 semester and did well. “I’m a much different student now than I was in high school. I’m very serious. My life experiences made me a serious student.”

Rowser has been very involved outside of class. She’s active in C-STEP (Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program) and the Psychology Club. She also spends 12 hours a week in the College’s Audio Visual office doing work/study. “I love the A-V department. They make me feel so comfortable. I’ve actually learned things about electronics!”

Rowser’s success has been a team effort. She’s surrounded by supportive people both on campus and at home. “My husband is amazing. I’m a full-time student and he works. He takes care of everything. He helps me with the children so I can get my work done. Sometimes he tutors me!”

Rowser is majoring in Humanities + Social Sciences. Her goal is to graduate in 2017 and eventually become a clinical psychologist or run a mental health office. “When I saw my first report card I thought, ‘I can do this!’ I love it here. OCC has the resources here to help you.”

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