Powerful Words

Andrea Gibson

Andrea Gibson performs at Storer Auditorium October 28th (photo courtesy Samantha Pope).

Andrea Gibson is at the forefront of the spoken word movement. She’s the first-ever winner of the Women’s World Poetry Slam who is known for her raw fearlessness. In October she brought her passion and her skill to OCC. More than 300 people attended a live poetry reading performance in Storer Auditorium on the night of October 28. People came from all over New York, New England and parts of Canada to listen to Gibson. The next day she led a poetry workshop on campus. “Both events were a huge success,” said OCC Art department chair Christine Kukenberger. “It was a wonderful experience for our students to listen and learn from her.”

Gibson has headlined prestigious performance venues coast to coast with powerful readings on war, class, gender, bullying, white privilege, sexuality, love, and spirituality. Her work has been featured on the BBC, Air America, C-SPAN, Free Speech TV and in 2010 was read by a state representative in lieu of morning prayer at the Utah State Legislature. You can learn more about Gibson by visiting her website.

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