Darren Pikul

Darren Pikul loves being involved on campus. “I enjoy conversing with students and really want to get to know people,” he said. Pikul’s involvement includes:

  • Vice president of entertainment and programming for the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement.
  • Member of the Men’s Tennis team.
  • Member of international honor society Phi Theta Kappa.
  • Resident Advisor

“I love my RA position. I get to know so many students. It’s the same with Student Government. We work to get people to come to events and wind up meeting a lot of people at the events.”

Pikul is a 2014 graduate of Highland High School in Highland, NY, a community located on the west side of the Hudson River directly across from Poughkeepsie. He’s a Business major with minors in Honors, Information Technology and Communications.

Pikul chose to attend OCC in large part because of its Men’s Tennis program. During his freshman year the team advanced to the nationals in Texas and finish tied for 7th place in the country. Pikul competed in singles play at the tournament and won a match. “It was a great experience. This year’s team is looking stronger than last year’s. We have good returning players and a good group of freshman.”

Pikul plans to transfer to a four-year college after earning his degree from OCC in May 2016.

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