Sharing Wisdom

London Ladd was the keynote speaker at OCC’s annual Student Achievement Awards Ceremony. It was held April 30 in the SRC Arena and Events Center.

Ladd is a Syracuse native who graduated from Corcoran High School, came to OCC and earned an Art degree in 1995. In his 20 years since graduating Ladd has become a highly sought-after illustrator. His latest work is due out this November when “Frederick’s Journey” is released. The subject of the book is Frederick Douglass, who escaped from slavery and became a leader of the abolitionist movement. Ladd created the illustrations for the book, which is being published by Disney and Hyperion as part of its Big Words series.

During the Student Achievement Awards Ceremony Ladd encouraged students to pause and look around. “Cherish this moment. What you achieved here is special because you earned this, so enjoy it!” He also let them know that with hard work anything is possible. “Take what you learned here inside and outside the classroom and continue pursuing your passion with confidence. If you put your mind and your heart into it you have the potential to accomplish great things.”

You can read Ladd’s remarkable story here and see how his tireless effort to bring words to life literally transforms his appearance.

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