Steve Einbinder

Steve Einbinder is a member of OCC’s initial graduating class of students in the Nuclear Energy Technology (NET) major. He first came to OCC in 1999 fresh out of Baker High School in Baldwinsville. He enrolled in Architectural Technology, but full-time work in the hotel industry pulled him away from his studies.

In 2011 Einbinder returned to OCC as a Mechanical Technology major. As he was nearing completion of his degree he learned OCC would be starting its NET program. “My father and brother both had nuclear backgrounds. My goal was to get into Nine Mile or one of the power plants. It’s very difficult to get into the industry. They are always looking for someone with a bachelor’s or master’s. To have a two-year program that gets you into the industry is a great thing.”

In May 2015 Einbinder will earn his second degree from OCC then go to work in the nuclear industry. As a 34-year-old father of three he’s proud of what he’s accomplished. “I thought when I was in college the first time and working full-time it was hard. It was even more difficult this time having to juggle work, college and family life.”

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