Meet The Faculty: Candice Dance

Candice H. Dance
Professor of Mathematics

Hometown: Watervliet, NY

Education: B.A., SUNY Geneseo; M.S., Syracuse University

History at OCC: I started as an adjunct instructor in 1983 and was hired as a full time Assistant Professor in 1999. I teach Liberal Arts Mathematics and the Calculus sequence. Awards include 2006 SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2006 National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development and 2011 American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges Excellence in Teaching Award.

Favorite Student Story: Since we started Math Appreciation Week in 2009 its amazing how many students have been willing to do presentations for the campus. I remember four young women who wrote a “Fibonacci Rap.” They wore matching shirts and glasses while performing. Many students and colleagues have competed in a Soma cube building contest including one team which built its model so high it knocked the clock off the wall in Mawhinney 245. In 2012 our students came in on Saturday’s to build cubic yard size soma pieces that we assembled on the quad. We asked staff members who were using a truck to hang posters on buildings to help us and they did. We ended up with models that reached 27-feet high! Students walking by on the quad stopped to join us. What a day!

Little-Known Facts: I’ve been married for 35 years, have three children and two grandchildren. You can find me in or near the swimming pool in my back yard all summer.

Meaningful Experiences Outside Education: I love to travel with my husband. We have been all over the United States including Alaska. This summer we plan to travel to Europe for the second time.

Life Lessons: I want people to know that as they live their lives, they are doing math. Telling time is modular arithmetic. Playing cards is probability. Running errands involves solving routing problems not to mention finances. Architecture and art include math. Math is everywhere. Look for it, notice it and you will always be amazed!

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