Poe Koe

RESIZED Poe Koe for Succeeding @OCC 005Poe Koe is planning to use the power of education to help people in his home country. Koe was born in Burma and spent several years in a refugee camp in Thailand.

In 2008 Koe came to the United States leaving behind his parents and six siblings. When he arrived he did not know English or how to use computers. Koe spent three years in New York City attending Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School. He became an honor roll student on the way to earning his high school diploma.

Koe began taking classes at OCC in the fall 2014 semester. “My first semester here was a little difficult because I didn’t know anyone at first. Everyone was very helpful and now I feel very comfortable here.” He is now President of OCC’s International Club and participates in several other campus organizations.

Koe is majoring in Human Services. He plans to eventually earn a master’s degree and become a teacher. Even though his entire family has now joined him in Syracuse he dreams of going back to Burma. “I want to return to my home country to help people. I want to help make education important there and share my skills with people.”

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