Zoë Mullan-Stout

Zoë Mullan-Stout has the gift of song and she’s beginning to share it with Central New York. Mullan-Stout is a Humanities major with a Music minor who is in the College’s Honors program. She’s also one half of “Alison and Zoë,” a budding singer/songwriter duo along with her older sister Alison.

Mullan-Stout is a 2011 graduate of Marcellus High School who is on track to graduate from OCC in December 2015. She’s always had a passion for playing guitar and writing and signing harmonies. “In the past year or so Alison and I have had the ‘say yes to mostly everything’ mentality. It has led to a lot of opportunities to perform in diverse environments.”

Zoe (left) and Alison (right) perform at the Oswego Music Hall.
Zoe (left) and Alison (right) perform at the Oswego Music Hall.

The duo will be releasing its first CD later this year. In the meantime Zoë says they are happy to play and sing wherever people want to enjoy their music. “In our eyes performing is a compliment to all the other ways in which we love to share and create music, whether its in a song circle or in someone’s living room.”

You can follow Alison and Zoë on Facebook.

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